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    search question

    i would click on NPC or ITEM or SPELL.

    it would open, i would begin to type something. as i typed, it would auto filter what i was searching for. so if i was looking for ice devil. as soon as i typed I, only things beginning with the letter I would be there. then ic and then ice and so on.

    that was awesome, a few letters and it would narrow it down and i found what i was after quickly.

    i opened FG today and that no longer works. i have to type something and hit search for it to look.

    did i change a setting somehow?

    any help would be great.


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    well. thanks for info.

    i feel silly for not looking there first.

    i also feel very sad that has been implemented. ugg

    thanks again
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    I have to agree on this one. It makes sense for assets due to how they are changing.
    But for NPCs, spells, all the other ones basically. Having it search through as you type in the letters feels much better.

    I imagine this is done so it behaves the same way everywhere. Personally I'd prefer to keep what we have for searching through the DB entries, then have the Assets work on an search after 'enter' basis.
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    You can still do that, but you have to hit enter or click the search button if you want to see filtered results along the way. This is a necessary step to get FG to do less throw-away work. Searching for everything containing an I is expensive and time-consuming. "IC" is a little better but still not ideal. When most GMs mostly want to see everything with "ICE", it makes sense to wait until they've done that much before initiating the expensive search operation. The cost for this search is currently higher within FGU for a reason we have yet to identify, so it was put in place mainly for that. On the plus side, it opens up the door to do other cool things with search such as supporting multiple keywords in the same search. Previously, there was no way to search for dwarf and fighter together or sword and +3. You could only search for contiguous search terms. Now, you can search for dwarf, fighter and have it return: Dwarf (fighter) L12, Fighter-dwarf-2, Dwarf Raging Fighter, etc.

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    I get it. It is simply a change to get used to and learn to use it to our advantage. I am all for making it easy on the system. The faster it runs, the better.
    If this is the worse thing i have to complain about. Then i have no complaints. Thanks for the hard work.

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    While I'll miss the instant search for spells and items etc., that does make sense and the search combination of multiple terms is sure to prove useful. Thanks for the clarification.
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