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    LFP - play by post / forum-like homebrew session!

    Hello all! I'm new to these forums, but I figured I'd shoot my shot! Today I'm looking for a few players to DM for in a homebrew adventure, preferably taking place throughout the week as a PBP sort of deal. The plot itself isn't awfully complex, and I'm allowing things such as Unearthed Arcana and general homebrew, as long as it's not too game breaking. I myself am in the EST timezone, and I'm available from 10 am to around 9-10 pm! I'm very flexible in terms of times!

    Anyways, if any of this interests you, feel free to leave a reply! I'd love to get this rolling!

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    Seems interesting never really did play by post

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    Hi there,

    The play-by-post game I've been playing in for the last 3-4years just broke up :'( due to IRL and a couple of people losing a bit of motivation etc. I'm looking for something new to join in on.

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    I am interested. I play in numerous PBP's and I do love them, but am curious how you would do it on FG in the program? Is it a home brew adventure and system or a homebrew adventure in a particular system?

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