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    Starting PF2 Game in December

    Moved to LFG

    [MODERATOR - the details of this game are available here: ]
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    This should be posted in the LFG - Looking for Group forum.

    You will have a much better chanse of finding players there.
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    I'd recommend you post the full details in the LFG forum (as you've just done), then it's fine to add a small post in the Pathfinder 2.0 forum saying you're looking for players, with a link to the thread in the LFG forum for more details and discussion.
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    Thanks, new to this.

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    Hello, I am interested but can you please give some more information? I am new to the system. In the middle of the demo game on play by forum site. So pretty green. Have had a tutorial on D&D character creation on FG and have messed around some with PF2 characters. I have been looking for a daytime game EST so I would love to join. How long will the game be and any other details would be great.

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    thanks for the reply, I have a group that was playing pathfinder going thru the Runelords series that fell apart so with the start of the new rules, Pathfinder 2.0, we decided to start a new group. We have not yet determined what module we will be going thru, will let the group decide that. As a group we have been playing now for about two years until the real world got in the way. Gukki is the only surviving player from the group.
    I am 55 years old and have been playing some form of D&D since its conception in 78. Gukki is 35 and have also been playing a long time and really knows all the PF2 rules so that helps. We have a discord server and if you wish we can get on that and talk, i will answer any questions you have.

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