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    Fantasy Grounds Installer Size??

    I am currently deployed and using my international data to download FG. Can anyone tell me what the file size is for the installer?

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    My installed folder size is 13.4MB. The installer executables are smaller than that, 6.7MB, 179K, & 2.8MB for the executable, updater and updater engine.

    EDIT: not including the data folders that Trenloe mentions

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    Welcome to the FG forums.

    I wouldn't recommend using an international data allowance to download/update FG as you can't really control exactly what is downloaded - unless you have a big allowance. The installer is pretty small, but once installed it will run an updater that downloads the latest FG executable and the FG rulesets and data modules that come with the base product - plus any that you've purchased. It's an all or nothing process and you won't be able to do anything with FG unless you run the updater.

    At minimum this will be 100MB (but don't take my word for that, as I've just taken a rough guess based off the standard products that get downloaded), it could well be much more than this.
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    The Windows FG installer is only something like 2.8MB but that only basically installs the updater. The updater then goes and downloads the rest of FG, all of the included rulesets, free content, and any additional content you've purchased. That can be hundreds of MB. I'm not sure what the minimum that adds up to, assuming you haven't purchased anything extra.

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