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    General new guy questions

    So I just started running my first game on FG and Iíve had a few snags. Iím not sure if itís me or system issues.
    1. I can seem to scroll around a map, only in zoom out then zoom back in somewhere else.
    2. On two maps I imported I had issues with tokens not following the actual location of the characters( green player box where it goes but token elsewhere).
    3. Is there always a resolution issue on imported maps or am I just looking at an issue of poor map quality to start with.

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    1. To scroll around a map, click and hold your middle mouse button (the mouse scroll wheel usually) and drag.
    2. Are you using any extensions? Does this occur in a fresh campaign with no extensions and only the needed content open?
    3. FG doesn't modify the resolution or quality of the maps. If a map looks poor, it's the source that isn't high quality.

    FYI, FG Classic has some practical limits on images in terms of resolution and file size, so published modules often only include a relatively lower quality version of the images. This is due to memory constraints since it's a 32-bit app. FG Unity won't have this problem since it will be 64-bit.

    EDIT: Welcome to FG!

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    Welcome to the FG forums.

    Quick answers:
    1) See here: https://www.fantasygrounds.com/wiki/...Images#Viewing
    2) Sounds like a recently identified issue where the grid size is less than 10 pixels. Can you confirm the size of the grid you placed on the images?
    3) Fantasy Grounds Classic is a 32-bit application and so have limited memory (even if the computer has many GB of memory). Maps take up a lot of memory resources and so the recommendation for maps in Fantasy Grounds Classic is 2048x2048 pixels or less. This can lead to some large maps not having detail if they are zoomed in.
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