FG License: Ultimate
Time Zone: UTC+1
Days avalible: During the week morning hours.
Term: would love to play in some campaing or dm in my homebrew.
Voice:got mic, using discord

Game System Preferred: D&D 5E, but i would actually try something alse too
Game System Experience: I DM for my RL friends for about 6 years now, and i played before for aprox 10 years.
Fantasy Grounds Experience: I'm semi experienced now, trying new version of FG too.

Character Type Preferred: I can play what ever, and as a DM i like out of the box thinking.
About me: Im a 36 years old guy with family and regular job so i dont have a lot of time, that's why i can play in the morning hours because that's the only time im free. Atm i'm just looking for few people to play with, because 1 per week with my friends is not enough for me anymore
We could play my hombrew, or I can play in your game..eaither way i'm happy