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    3 players looking for a DM, more players or an existing group to join on Tuesdays.

    I and two of my friends are looking for a game to join, whether already in progress or a new game. We will happily add people to the group as the DM sees fit. We heavily emphasize roll play, while also loving creative and interesting combat. It is preferred to start at level 5 or higher, as many campaigns we play in start at level 1 then fall apart due to scheduling issues before reaching higher levels of play. We ask that only people who do not have trouble committing to attendance apply, either as additional players or as a DM, as we are very committed to playing. We prefer the Forgotten Realms as a setting, but are open to others as well. We really want to play in a game that the DM makes into their own.

    We prefer to be able to homebrew, but the DM has final say on all things that go into the game. If interested, please message me!

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    you forgot to put the most important part time

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