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    Mature Adult seeking friendly group

    Central Standard Time (middle of nowhere, Tx)

    I tried this once before, didn't work out, so I'm trying again. I'm still a relatively new player. I played only for a few months in San Antonio (5E AL), before moving to the middle of nowhere with NO game stores! So, I'd like to find a group to play with online. I'm a mature, stay at home mum. I don't care if it's a RAW group or Homebrew (so long as the rules of such are explained). Because of having a little one, I am available M-F 9am-2pm or ANY day 8 pm-midnight. A group that meets frequently would be awesome! (More than just every two weeks.) ~~ I'm even willing to try versions other than 5E, but I'll have an even steeper learning curve than I already have.
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    It'd be a rather steep learning curve, but if you have any flexibility to start even slightly earlier on Wednesday we could talk about this Pathfinder campaign at level 10. It does tend to be a very combat focused game, though, so if you're looking for sessions to be mostly RP I don't think it'd be a good fit (not sure about your preferences based on your blurb there).

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    @LordBalkoth - I appreciate the invite, but as I'm so new, I'm not sure I'd feel ready to jump into a lvl 10 character on an unfamiliar edition/version.

    @Scyle - I replied to your PM. Thank you!

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