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    FGU - Can't start campaign


    since yesterday I can't start any campaign.

    I get the following error message (and yes, I'm sure that no other FG instance is running)

    EDIT: public cloud and private cloud does work, only the local option results in the error
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    Please make sure that you don't have another instance of FGC or FGU running already. Since both FGC and FGU listen on port 1802, FGU will be unable to start a local server to listen on that port if another instance is already open.


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    FGC is not installed and according to the task manager no other FGU instance is open.
    According to netstat -aon port 1802 is not in use.

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    This error occurs whenever the underlying network engine (called TNet) returns an error message that it is unable to start a TCP server on port 1802. In most situations where we've seen this, it's because another FGU/FGC GM instance is running, but it's not the only reason. (thus the error message).

    Make sure to check TaskManager to make sure that there are no other instances of FantasyGrounds.exe running in memory.

    If that's not the issue, you might check to see whether you have multiple network adapters installed in Windows, and re-order the priority to make your main Internet adapter your first choice in that order.


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    hmm, still wont work. Is port forwarding necessary for a local game?

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    Check that you haven't accidentally changed the port of the server. Check the box to the right of "Local" in the campaign details section of the Host Campaign screen - make sure that is 1802.
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    Well, whatever the issue was, after a windows reset (thanks Red Dead Redemption 2...) everything works flawless again.

    Thanks for your effort!!

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    I had the same issue with local. Fresh reboot of computer, no other FG instances running. After reading this thread I decided to try a different port (randomly choose 8099). That got it working.

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