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    Cloud Server Testing

    When I host a game, it asks me for a DM name. No matter what I put in, it shows up in the Cloud Server as my username on FG, Brynnan. It doesn't matter if I enter "DM Brynnan" or duplicate another user's name (which is what I was testing). So what the purpose of the DM entry?

    If the DM entry actually does do something, then it needs to default to the last entry made, not blank.

    How the cloud server handles "Join by DM name" is what I was testing. Is it possible for someone to spoof another DM by entering another DMs players (It shouldn't be).
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    The GM entry is purely for setting your default name to appear in the chat window after starting your campaign.

    Your FG user name will always be used to identify your server in the lobby system. That's how players can quickly find your server, since it will always match your user name.


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