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    Looking for player (5E homebrew campaign)

    I have a single slot open in my friday game, we run 4 hour sessions @ 5pm PST. Homebrew campaign with alot of homebrew material.
    I dont care what race people play as, play as a pixie or an ogre for all i care, and i am okay with SOME home brew subclasses. the current group is level 11
    consisting of a-
    lizard folk behemoth (combo barbarian/fighter)
    medusa hexblade warlock
    gnome artificer
    dragonborn barbarian

    and cause i have some level of sympathy for the poor saps i have a healbot cleric DMPC who is a half ghost life cleric

    Feel free to message me here or on discord @Humnhapymeal#2516

    Joining the group will be dependent on an interview and a possible 1 on 1 to introduce your character to the campaign

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    Can I play as

    Race: Half minotaur, half sentient piss puck with Vampirism and Lycanthrope
    Class: Psionic/Ninja/Pokemon Master

    Wont need the heal bot anymore cause my character just kills every monster he looks at instantly.

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    whats wrong with my character?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Shock View Post
    whats wrong with my character?
    Think it was the pokemon master part, no one should have that much power lol

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    Would join but got a game on that day 2 hours later �� would of be fun play something different. If you have a game on another day you all easy have my contact

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dieseor View Post
    Think it was the pokemon master part, no one should have that much power lol
    He allows a player to be a "medusa" I was just curious where he would draw the line.
    Last edited by Shock; November 14th, 2019 at 12:59.

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    The medusa in my game has a player version of petrifying stare. that he understands is functionally different for game balance reasons. and i didnt even bother taking your post seriously as it was obviously a joke, not a funny one. but a joke none the less

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    I am looking for a new game to play. Just recently finished a in person game, and decided to go back to online for a while. Use to play on Roll20, and this would be my first game on here.

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