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    LFP Pathfinder 2 Age of Ashes - Hellknight Hill - Fri 7-9pm PST Weekly

    Age of Ashes - Module 1 - Hellknight Hill
    When: Fridays, start 7pm, end 9pm Pacific (9-11pm Central, 10-12am East) Session 0: Nov 15th (Tentative)
    Players needed: 3-4 more
    GM License: FG Ultimate. All versions are welcomed!
    Discord use: channel TBD. Mic with PTT please, no video required.
    Player Experience: New to PF2 are welcome. Minimal experience with FG is required.

    Campaign: Age of Ashes Adventure Path
    Campaign Level: 1-5 (around 15-20 sessions total)
    Level Progression: Milestones
    Setting: Golarion (Pathfinder Campaign World)
    Character Creation: Core Book + Lost Omens Character Guide. Only one Uncommon ancestry in the group (first come, first served). Backgrounds from the Player's Guide recommended: https://paizo.com/products/btq01zth

    Fires burn atop the ruined citadel on Hellknight Hill, sending plumes of red smoke into the air that could be a call for help. Within the old keep, strange invaders from a distant land, mysterious long-lost ruins, and the machinations of a shadowy organization await discovery. Something dire is building toward an apocalyptic event, and it falls to your characters to stop the end before it begins.

    The commitment is to go through the first module. If everybody agrees and still having fun, we can move through the other modules.
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    Daniel Salles de Araújo

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    This is now full, I'll update if we need more players. Thanks!
    Daniel Salles de Araújo

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