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That is a good suggestion. I just added product ID to the search check. You can search for something like PZO1110 to find the Pathfinder Core Rules, for instance. Each of the product pages will have our product id at the bottom of the page and these should include a publisher prefix, the original product ID from the publisher and sometimes a suffix. In the case of the Pathfinder Core Rules, our product ID is PZOSMWPZO1110FG. Searching by the product id from Paizo's site should work going forward.

With regards to the OGL version, I am not sure. If these have a different product ID than what we have, then no it will not provide a discount. Only 1:1 matches will provide a discount from Paizo.

I totally forgot to return here and update. So here's another necro, (sorry!) Looks like they were working for me after a day or so. I'm guessing my initial suspicion was correct, and I just needed to wait for something on the back end to update or sync.

Thanks for adding the product codes to search results! It helped a lot!