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    How do I level a character?

    I see the area, but can't figure out what to do. I added xp, but it doesn't trigger anything. I can't seem to edit the 1 next to the mystic.

    I search for info, but didn't find any.

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    Drag/drop the character class to the PC, this will trigger a level up for that specific character class.
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    just like you added the class to the character for level 1...
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    Once you drop the character class onto the character, a lot of the leveling process will happen automatically like calculation of hit points and stamina points ect, but you then will need to click on skills and spend your available skill ranks based on the new level. Then click the abilities tab and look under class abilities and see if you need to modify or add anything there (Envoys will need to choose new Improvisations, Expertise ect), If you are a caster class you have probably picked up new spells so you will need to jump to the spells tab and add new spells.. Lastly if you have put any abilities under the actions tab you may need to modify them based on your level. For instance an Operatives trick attack may be under there so depending on level, they may get more damage added to the trick attack damage ect.

    Trenloe posted an excellent example of adding trick attack to the actions tab somewhere, but I can not find it.. Also there are a few post showing adding a Healing serum to the actions tab ect (Healing serums will do more healing based on the level of serum ect)
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