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    Problems checking out from Store

    Is anyone else having problems checking out from the FG store? It looks like the site is having problems connecting to Paypal. I get the following error message that looks like it is coming from Paypal as the Page has the Paypal logo at the top and has a Paypal URL.Paypal Error.JPG

    "Things don't appear to be working at the moment. Please try again later."

    I am able to log into Paypal itself from another tab, so it looks to me a problem between the two sites.
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    Are you running an adblocker or any tracking blockers?
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    I run UblockOrigin, but it's never been a problem. I'll try disabling it and see if it helps.

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    I tried disabling uBlockOrigin and still not able to check out. I also tried from a different PC and get the same error as shown in the image above.

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    So it looks like it is some change done in Firefox that is causing it to not work. Which is odd as I'm not experiencing the issue on other sites using Paypal. I'm trying to figure out what it is the site configuration in Firefox that is causing it. I was able to get to the Paypal logon page in Chrome and checkout.

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