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    Question about items in "Rules and abilities"

    So I was playing with character creation and made an elf - and went cavern elf - says 'you gain darkvision' - ok great - I don't really expect it to be automatic but my issue is - where is 'darkvision' - obviously it exists - I can make another character that has it as a default and copy it over - but I can't figure out where in the library to go and get 'darkvision' to drag and drop onto the character.

    Am I missing where it is?

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    Darkvision is not available as a specific drag/drop ability outside of ancestries that have it as default. Nor are the abilities added as part of selecting a heritage. I’ll look at fleshing out the heritage ability automation in the future, but it probably won’t be for a while as there are higher priorities at present.
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