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    LFP [5e] 2 Players for Wide Magic - Embers from a Chimney II

    FG License: GM has Ultimate so players just need Demo
    Game System: D&D 5e

    Day of week: Monday
    Time (Duration): 10:30 to 13:30 UTC (3 to 3.5hrs) no DST
    Timezone: UTC10 (which means game is 20:30UTC10)
    Frequency: fortnightly sessions which will be converted to a weekly 1hr podcast
    Term: Short as we work through a couple modules, but can turn into Long Term

    Text or Voice: Mostly Voice but their will be some sporadic FG chat text
    Voice Software Used: Discord and/or Mumble
    Will this be recorded and/or live streamed? podcast (turned into weekly 1hr episodes)

    Roleplay & Combat Mix: Heavy RPG via narrative storytelling
    Number of Players in Game & Needed: 4 players in total, have 2, need 2 more
    Character Starting Level & Equipment: Starting at Lvl 1 with Class/Background starting gear
    Character Restrictions: +PHB +SCAG +EE +Volo +Xanathar +Mordenkainen +KPHeroes Handbook -UA

    Setting/Adventure Info:
    Welcome to the Southlands, a land of mystery and adventure, where riches and dangers await those brave enough to cross the wild expanses. The Northern deserts are wrought with forgotten tombs, deadly sands, and nomadic spirit talkers. The tall grasses of the savannahs hide lost cities, and are home to fierce warriors. The dense jungles swarm with living green that wants to consume the careless visitor. Do you have what it takes to venture into these burning sands, fierce jungles, wild coasts, and ancient cities? If you do ... riches beyond imagining awaits, and for the true of heart, perhaps even a spark of divinity! Come forth mighty adventurer, look into the eyes of your destiny and partake of the pure waters.

    Let us begin our voyage by looking at you, wayward adventurer. Who are you? What is your past? How has fate brought you to this moment? Will you tell your secret to the person who shares warmth in the cold night? Can you trust that neighbour? How many days have past, and how many more until your reach your destination?
    Notice: Am looking for 4 players with the intent of finding 4 players that gel well together and are hip to roleplay with each other as much as the GM, so as to make a cool experience for us as well as potential podcast listeners. Therefore I think I'll probably stage a couple of oneshots over the next few weeks, post FG-Con 15, so that we can seek compatibility-is-ness . This means I do not have a "specific" start date, but we'll work it out. So read on, and if you are interested, PM me, and let's see what can be done.

    What do I need? Basic knowledge of D&D 5e rules. Friendly and respectful attitude.

    What's the plan? Session 0 to create characters and intro to the variant/optional/homebrew rules that will be employed. Starting stats will be 6x 4d6 (drop lowest d6) and 2 of the rolls must have a score >=15, otherwise reroll all 6 stats. The above description is quite generic, by intent. Your backstories will be your own, and will flavour the adventure. You do not need to write a book and we can keep that backstory basic, but expect that it will begin to grow as the adventure continues, and we'll plumb the depths to find out just who you really are!

    About me: I've enjoyed life as GM and Player and have enjoyed narrative style game play the most. My promise is to do my utter best to make this adventure as immersive as possible, but to do this means that I need your help. To find investment we must work together to develop this story and we'll do that by recognising that everyone at the table plays an equal role (including me the GM). Without you there's no story ... but together we can weave threads together and create an amazing narrative, a skein that everyone can enjoy!
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    hi! I'm FreyaMaluk. I live in Germany and I would like to join. I'm kinda new to DnD but I've been playing in some one shots sessions and in a type of sandbox DnD discord community so I've learned quite a lot in the past weeks.
    I'm very fascinated by well constructed DnD narratives with a lot of immersive elements and I try my best to voice act and give a lot of flavor to my characters. The time frame works perfectly for me so yay! lol. Pls PM. ty
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    Hello, hoping you still looking for players. I'm experienced with D&D 5e and looking for a good narrative type game. Hope you'll have me if you're still looking.

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