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    Out of the Abyss missing assets; image viewing related bug

    The Out of the Abyss Module is missing multiple maps and a couple of images - here's a list of the maps/images that either show up as a ? or just a grey mass, some with pins and some without. I have tested this both in copying over an existing Out of the Abyss-using campaign and with a new campaign in the 5e ruleset.

    • Cultist Hideout Map
    • Cultist Pens Map
    • Demogorgon Rises
    • Dire Den Map
    • DM - Blingdenstone Map
    • DM - Gracklestugh Map
    • DM - Hook Horror Map
    • DM - Mantol Derith Map
    • DM - Neverlight Grove Map
    • DM - Oozing Temple Map
    • DM - Sloobludop Map
    • DM - The Lost Tomb Map
    • DM - Troglodyte Lair Map
    • DM - Whorlstone Caverns Map
    • DM - Worm Nursery Map
    • Gracklestugh Map
    • Grey Alchemist Map
    • Hook Horror Map
    • There's two instances of "Mantol Derith Map," one shows up and the other doesn't
    • Neverlight Grove Map
    • Sloobludop Map
    • The Lost Tomb Map
    • The Obelisk Map

    Also, at the same time I was going through the images in the module to create this list, I encountered a bug where clicking on images would start layering previously-viewed images either on top of or just below the correct image. It seems to be in relation to how many images you view in the same instance, and doesn't stop until you close Unity and reopen it to dump the memory. It's not a consistent thing, and doesn't happen on every image you click. I don't know about other rulesets as I don't have content to really explore in other rulesets, but this definitely happens for 5e in my experience. For this, I was looking through the module in a new campaign so I could be sure it wasn't pulling up modified files somehow.

    1) Click through the list of images in the maps banner
    2) After an undetermined number of images, notice that another image off the list, viewed this session or not, is layered on top/bottom of it. It seems to happen somewhere around the 21st image, plus or minus a couple.
    3) Close the map/image, try again - image either is fixed or a different image from the first time is over/under it; each attempt seems to bring up a different image layered over/under the proper one
    4) Try closing the Map banner link and reopening it; images opened still do the same thing.
    • Unloading/reloading the module in question didn't help; unloading the module that it started in and loading a different one had images from the unloaded module loading over/under images from the newly opened module. After clicking through about 20 or so images from the newly opened module, the images being loaded over/under the proper image pull from both the currently-loaded module and the unloaded module at random.

    5) Restart Unity and discover that it's done...for the short term, at least.
    6) Continue looking for missing image/map assets in the module, have steps 1-5 happen at least 8 times in the attempt to examine images in this module, given the number of images present. It happened another handful of times afterward when I was testing out its behavior in regards to having modules loaded/unloaded.

    EDIT: I originally tested this in a fresh 5e campaign with the Out of the Abyss module while I was searching for the above images/maps, then a bit further with a mixture of the Out of the Abyss module and Xanathar's Guide to Everything. I have no extensions downloaded/activated in FGU. I have since restarted the computer and started up FGU to see if this behavior continues; I created a new 5e campaign at the same time, ran through the steps, and the same thing happens. First module I opened was Out of the Abyss once again, then I opened the Player's Handbook and got the same results. Restarted it, had just the Player's Handbook open - same thing happened again.

    FURTHER EDIT: I have since tested this in a new CoreRPG and a new PFRPG2 campaign, using the battle maps module so helpfully provided by Smiteworks by default and replicated at least the first half of this bug: getting maps to draw over other maps; as I do not own other modules for those campaigns, I was not able to test the second half of what I found. It seems to happen, as before mentioned, right around the 21st different image opened in the same campaign; restarting the client fixes it until you again view 21 or so different images.
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    Looks like many of the Images in Oota are in CMYK format and Unity doesn't like that format. I'll need to change all of those images to RGB. I don't know whether your other issues are related to this or not.
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    The issue about images bleeding through and showing on other images has been identified and fixed in the build we are preparing to push. It was a new one that cropped up recently. If you see a red question mark, then please report those like you have here since we will need to resave those images in a different mode for them to work with Unity.

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    I have updated my Unity version, started a new 5e campaign, opened the Player's Handbook, and tried to duplicate the images bug just to check if it still exists - the fix just pushed out seems to have fixed the 21-image-bug, but only seems to delay it as now the same thing happens at around the 43 or so mark.

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    Thanks for the update. We've implemented several fixes that help address this issue as of the Thursday update; but I'll send your note over to the developer working on image display to see if we can recreate again based on your notes.


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    As an update: I have not encountered the image bug lately (though also haven't had much testing time), but the maps/images do appear to still be entirely unloadable in Unity.

    EDIT: I am bumping this mostly to help Zacchaeus/FriendBesto with their efforts in working out kinks in the LoS, as I noticed that FriendBesto mentioned missing some of the maps. I checked in a new campaign with everything fully updated and the files listed out previously still do not show up for me.
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    I've investigated this and the maps have actually been updated but the module hasn't yet been released. Look out for it on Tuesday hopefully.
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    Just pushed a new build of WOTC5EOOTA to the FGU patch system.

    Updates for modules still need to be called out to James explicitly for FGU updates. Please copy me, and I'll make sure it gets in there.


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