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    New to FG, question about PC portraits


    I've got an ultimate installation, but only can seem to find player portraits for the Starfinder themes. Is there an option to install other Starfinder portraits? The themes are somewhat limiting.


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    Hi JustMark welcome to FG.

    Portraits are something that tends to follow the modules (books) that you buy. There are various portrait packs that come with other things for other rulesets. There are some portrait packs that are available in the store (filter by product type > portraits).

    You can also make your own using whatever paint package you have form the many images that you'll find online. Make them about 100x100px and .png files for best results and drop them in the portraits folder wherever your FG Data folder is (click the small folder icon top right of the start screen to find this folder). You can also make a portrait pack by putting a number of portraits in a folder and select all of the portraits, right click and select send to zip. Then change the .zip to .ppk and put that file in your portraits folder.
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    Thanks for the detailed response. Exactly what I was looking for!


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