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    customdice script fails to load

    I am seeing this behaviour in FGU only with my custom Dark Eye ruleset.

    The console shows this error:
    [10/30/2019 10:10:27 PM] [WARNING] Could not load script file () (customdice_scripts/customdice_3.lua)
    [10/30/2019 10:10:27 PM] [WARNING] Could not load script file (d3) (customdice_scripts/customdice_3.lua)

    Definition in gameelements.xml
    <customdie name="d3">
    <script file="customdice_scripts/customdice_3.lua" />

    content of customdice_3.lua:
    function onValue(result)
    DebugM.printLogMessage("customdice_scripts/customdice_3.lua, onValue");
    DebugM.printLogMessage("customdice_scripts/customdice_3.lua, onValue, Ende");
    return math.ceil(result/2);

    I was fixing the game version to <root version="2.9">
    Is it connected to this and does FGU ignore the root version tag or is there another problem I am not aware of?
    Loading the same ruleset in FGC works fine.
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    Any ideas anyone? Right now I am clueless.

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    There is a similar post by Valarian and Moon Wizard has replied.

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    Yes, customdice not working at the moment

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    Are you still seeing this? Can you point me at a version of a ruleset that does this?

    I just tried setting up a custom_d3.lua script in CoreRPG; and replacing the built-in d3 in-line script with that file reference. And, it worked without any issues for me.


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    the only way I managed to get it working was with inline scripting...
    I don't know why it did not work.

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    I understand; but I tried with a separate file as well, and it was working for me.

    Perhaps it was the specific way that you did it that caused an issue? Do you still have the problem version of the files?


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    I have no idea why it is working inline but not as external script. I even removed the DebugMessages because I thought they might not have been initialized yet but that was not the reason.

    The issue still persists. I just checked with the latest FGU version. Inline works while with an external script I receive this error message:
    [11/9/2019 6:33:33 PM] [WARNING] Could not load script file () (scripts/customdice_3.lua)
    [11/9/2019 6:33:33 PM] [WARNING] Could not load script file (d3) (scripts/customdice_3.lua)

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    Can you provide a link to the ruleset or extension that is throwing this error?


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    Hi Jpg, I sent you a PM just now with the link. The rule set has some license issues and cannot be published yet. Thanks a lot for trying to investigating this.

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