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    Just wondering if anyone has figured out how, or written their own...extension?...for the SilCORE rules system. I'm betting that it could be done with MoreCore, but you'd have to write your own...but not me. I'm not a programmer.

    SilCORE (by DreamPod9, btw) uses only d6's, and has the following method:
    • Roll X dice equal to your Skill/Stat.
    • Fumble: You roll ALL 1's on your dice.
    • Normal: Take the highest roll.
    • Better: If you roll multiple 6's, every 6 past the first adds +1 to the initial 6.

    Ex: A Skill of 3. Roll 3d6. If you get 1, 1, 1...Fumble. If you get 2, 4, 5...you get a 5. If you get 2, 6, 6...you get a 7.

    Your total is then compared to your standard Target Number system. It has a "Margin of Success" thing too; for every point you beat the TN, it counts as a "MoS". This is used to calculate 'amounts' of stuff, like damage. (e.g., a weapon does 4 damage; if the TN to hit is 3, and the character got a total of 7, that's 3 over; 3 x 4 yields 12 points of damage).

    At least that is my understanding of the system. I've ran two VERY short 'tests' of the system, each of which lasted less than an hour and those were about 15 or more years ago.

    Has anyone done this already?

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    So... Ive written you a MoreCore roll for this... but you need to create at the least a basic character sheet export (just using MoreCore rolls etc) in return...

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