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    Unity beta demo version?

    So, beta's coming out in a week, great! Just one teeeeeensy issue is that my group is me with the ultimate edition and my freeloading friends running the demo edition to connect to me. In order to actually be able to test the beta, there must therefore be a beta version of the demo client or else none of the players will be able to connect to me. Will one be made available to the beta backers to hand out to their players?

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    I have run into a similar situation in that only three of my seven PCs bought into the beta access. We're just going to run a slimmed down version of our group on an alternate night and keep our regular group going until full release (hopefully in December).

    That said, I think (from what I've been reading) the initial opening of Beta is sort of expected to just have you log in and tool around in there looking for bugs without PCs. This is because the system is really not ready for the weight of a whole group and gaming at this stage. Also, they seem to have anticipated that some PCs wouldn't have beta access and therefore it wouldn't be as taxing on the system.

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    Isn’t the “demo” client we have today absolutely the same as standard/enterprise edition? It is just the key that enables set of features.
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    Thanks for the heads-up, Trenloe! I'd missed that post. Makes sense.

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