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    New to Savage Worlds/Deadlands


    I just purchased the savage worlds and deadlands stuff and am looking for any extensions, tokens, portraits and anything that are available in the forums here. If you have any links where the current versions and such are, that would be much appreciated.

    I would also be interested in any central time zone friendly games that I could sit in on and observe or participate in.

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    Cool! SWADE is awesome and it was integrated very nicely into Fantasy Grounds. As far as games, I recommend you put a post in the LFG (looking for games) forum and you might also pop over to the Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/groups/375207465854614/

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    Heya Beerbelly!

    I'm in a every-other Friday Savage Worlds Savage Ghosts of Saltmarsh game. I can certainly check with the GM to see if you can sit in..don't think it'll be a problem at all.

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    Hello, I am running a one-shot this weekend: https://www.fantasygrounds.com/calendar/?id=3288

    You are most welcome to join us

    If you cannot make it, I am streaming the game so you can watch later


    Anyone else who is interested is welcome to join us, I have 9 or 10 pregens for the game (and only 5 players right now)
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