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    PF2 LFP 2 slots open, 8pm GMT time must speek good english. Group needs front liner

    Homebrew campaign I'm planning on making into a campaign, experienced player and GM looking for someone to fit in with some of my friends. DM me and we can talkon discord. running every friday starting 25th.
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    Looking to try to get back to this after 30 years. If your ok with a complete rookie in all aspects.. (playing, using FG etc..) then I may be your person
    That said, if your looking for a front line fighter type with low int, I may be able to role play PERFECTLY .

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    Hey, replying here and in PMs.

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    So sorry. I don't even know what a DM or a PM is. I guess I'm already late tho.

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    What day are y’all wanting to play and what frequency?

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