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    I made the tweak to setTokenOrientationCount(24); and it was working perfectly until I saved everything and exited. Then when I reloaded back into my map I noticed that my tokens facing was all over the place. Tokens where centered where they belong but spells that I had place in specific positions where spun all about.

    Known issue? Any workaround?

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    The setTokenOrientationCount has not really been tested outside of 8 (default for square grid) and 6 (default for hex grids). At this point in the current FG development, we're almost solely focused on the FGU development; so not something we have time to investigate for the current version at this point.


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    Completely understand. Im a Unix Engineer myself and I support alot of developers so I get it.

    I was just hoping someone had an easy workaround. No worries, I will forge on. I came from maptool originally which has excellent map/dynamic lighting/tile/token control but not so easy RPG / character / combat control / etc elements / ease of game play. FG won me over on those elements but I do miss the things that I think FGU will do.

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    Workaround, edit the tokens in gimp, rotate 15 degree, save as -15, rotate 30 degree save as -30. Takes 3 times as many tokens so I only do it when I really need it. Works perfectly, no more tokens all spun about.

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