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    Starter GM looking for a group

    Hi folks,

    I am very much a newcomer to fantasy grounds. But I would like to GM an adventure for some folks in dungeons and dragons. Before anyone says "sign up to FGC" I have to say my life is far too busy for that.

    I would like to play and learn at the same time. creating a story of epic proportions for those involved. All of us feeling our way through it and learning as we go. That said, experienced fantasy grounders are welcome for tips and tricks. I have an ultimate license as well so that should make it easy on folk. I have a few rules I would like people to appreciate.

    1/. my life - I am very much a family man and as such, the frequency and regularity of sessions will hinge on the ebb and flow of my life. (there will be no "5pm start on a saturday and we will play for 3 hours")
    2/. your life - You have a life and as such, the rule stated before applies. (what I'm saying is. Once there is a group established, we all agree upon when the next session will take place before the next session happens)
    3/. we will chat on discord
    3/. You have patience.
    4/. I am GMT. Therefore it would be agreeable if all of my players were also based in the UK.

    I'm sure that everything I have typed is agreeable. I am not saying it will be amazing (but it will). What I am saying is if you fancy a laid back foray into fantasy grounds with a GM who doesn't really know what he's doing then DM me.

    lots of love

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    Id be interested. Im GMT also and work nights so later the better for me.

    Im currently running my own game on wednesdays but that’s because i couldn’t find a game in my schedule and am looking forward to becoming a player myself if everything works out

    My discord is Donkeyb39#0842 and is the best way of contacting me if you wish.

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    Being the "just do it" type myself, I do highly recommend a 2-hour course on FG DM'ing. There's so much power behind this platform that you'll either miss or get wrong if you don't get a good walk-through. It's soooooo much easier to create and run game having invested the time in that lesson.

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    I am a casual although long-time UK D&D player who would like to apply for your game.

    My gameplay preferences tend to be towards a combination of combat and roleplay and I am equally happy with both new and experienced groups. While I tend to play casters more, I am happy to find a class that suit the group's composition.

    If you would like to get in contact my Discord is Arian#6019

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    I PMd you. I would be interested in starting a campaign with you.

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