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    Need player(s) for Savage Worlds.

    Our game group of over 40 years is looking for one to three new players. We play every 1st and 3rd Thursday night of each month. We start at 7pm EST and play until 10:30 ish. We use discord to video conference. We are in our late 30s to late 40s and are looking for same maturity level. We are looking for long term permanent players. We start new campaigns ever 2-3 years.

    Our experience is mostly D&D but we also like playing Savage Worlds. We just started playing SWADE so don't be intimidated by our experience. We are still learning the rules. Currently we are about a third into a sci-fi campaign but eventually will we be trying it all. Fantasy, superheroes, horror you name it.

    Private message me if interested.
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