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    LFP need 1 player for 10a-12:30p Est Tuesday game

    We need one player for a new DnD 5e campaign Tuesday mornings 10a-12:30p Eastern time (UTC -4). Join discord group https://discord.gg/rgSwjPc

    New to fg group starting with a home brew dungeon crawl and go from there. Will need to have at least standard subscription to join.
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    what system are you running??

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    Oops sorry it's 5e

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    Did your group ever find another person?

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    I think we did at the last minute, you can join the discord group. We are on

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    I can do the tuesday morning; already did the TZ Math for my work

    I do have a couple of GM questions should the GM accept my app

    EDIT--- grammar corrections.
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    We are full at the moment, and one on standby. You may want to to holler at solias in the post above this one. Maybe you two can start another another similar time slot group?

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