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    LFP - 1 Player Wanted Baldur’s Gate: Descent into Avernus

    Recruitment is closed for this game. Thank you to all that applied here and direct emailed me!

    FG License: GM has Ultimate License

    Game System: D&D 5e

    Time Zone: Eastern (USA)

    Day of Week and Time: Every other week (“Bi-weekly”) sessions , Saturdays 6 pm - 10 pm

    Planned Duration: 4-hour sessions, educated guess is the campaign will take about 6 months to complete, playing every other week. (Naturally that’s just a guess, game flow is highly variable on the players and how they interact and decide what they are doing.)

    Term: We will be playing the module, no planned home brew, BG : DiA very faithful to how it’s written. At the end of the campaign, I do not intend on flowing into another game - it will just end.

    Planned Session 0: TBD (DM and Players will decide together)

    Planned Session 1: November 23rd (Sat), 6 PM - 10 PM EASTERN is tentative start date

    Text or Voice: Voice (Discord)

    Steaming or recorded: We do not stream, but the audio is recorded for session notes.

    # of Players (In-Game & Needed): We have 5 players already recruited, looking for just 1 more for diversity and to just share the game with more people.

    Character Creation Rules / Restrictions: There is a PDF that lists everything you need to know in our discord channel, the selected player that is recruited will be able to view it.

    (That said : PHB, SCAG, Volo’s, Tome of Foes and Xan’s are all allowed for class / race selection, any others need DM approval)


    As mentioned already -- this will be a “pure” BG : DiA run. When its over. We are done. Very important to understand that. I believe this module will take about 6 months to complete, mostly because we are only playing every other week.
    Seeking fun minded players. No jerks. No telling others how to play. No disrespectful players.

    If that all sounds good to you. Please apply.

    Thank you for your interest and your time.

    -Mytherus (aka DM, aka ..... Tom)
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    I'm interest in joining your group. Can you PM me if you decide to add me? Thanks
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    I'm very interested.

    I'm a slightly beyond middle-aged professional who has played and DM'd D&D and other TTRPG's for something approaching 40 years. I'm perfectly comfortable playing any class and any role that's needed to fill out the party. I'm good with a clear start and end to the campaign. I'm super good with a bi-weekly schedule. I've been jonesing to get myself into Avernus since I first heard it was coming out.

    Let me know what else you'd like to know about me. I can make myself available for a discord session to chat if you'd like. Would also like to hear what the party might like or need to fill them out.


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    Thank you for those that applied (had a few people just direct email me and not post here) - a player has been invited and for now recruitment for this game is closed.

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    If anything opens up, or you need a Sub-in, please let me know. New to FG and wanting to learn. Experience making characters in FG, and loving a recent return to D&D. Mature player looking for fun =)

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