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    PF2 LFP 2 slots open, 8pm GMT friday 25th must speek good english. Group needs front

    Homebrew campaign I'm planning on making into a campaign, experienced player and GM looking for someone to fit in with some of my friends. DM me and we can talk on discord. realised i didn't put date in last post.

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    I'd be interested, experienced PF2 GM myself, but I'm looking to play a Wizard, not a front-liner so might not fit in with existing party.

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    I would be interested, and am willing to play front. I am _completely_ new to PF2 though, so if that's a hindrance I would understand.
    I speak English fluently, and live in Norway (GMT+1).
    My experience with systems are Rolemaster FRP and D&D 5e.
    Edit: I also tried GMing a PF game, which fell through due to player absence.
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