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    LFG 1 Player for Sunday eve game of 5e BST (UTC+1) UK

    I have found a group, there are 5 of us who are looking for a DM.

    - I have a standard license of Fantasy Grounds.
    - I live in the UK so UTC+1
    - I'm looking to play on Sunday evenings on a weekly basis from about 1900 onwards.
    - I would like to play in a long term campaign if the group bonds well.
    - I can voice chat and can use whichever software needed.
    - I would like to play 5e but honestly I'm open to others.
    - D&D is something I've wanted to play for many years but never got round to learning. I have joined FG College and have played a few one shots over the past 6 months.
    - I like playing rogues, rangers and spell casters but am happy to try/play other roles.
    - I have never really roleplayed before and I'm quite excited to learn this aspect of the game. I am also looking forward to developing a character and team. As a new player I would like to experience all aspects of D&D but don't really want to just be fighting in every room of a dungeon.

    About me - I'm not old but I do remember playing Bolder Dash on my Commodore 64. I've loved playing RPGs throughout the years and can't believe I've never played D&D till now. I work shifts and have a wife and young children. Looking forward to adventures and comical moments.

    Thanks for reading.

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