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@Hex08 - I've seen something similar on my test setup for a large module (Pathfinder Core Rules). The Pathfinder Core Rules.dat file in the player cache stays at a small file size and never increases. In the player Data Module Activation window the "Load" button changes to "Unload" but the little book icon stays closed and doesn't open.

This appears to be a case of some files taking a long time to download, especially when other downloads are going on. It seems to be much worse on lower specced or overloaded computers.

I've sat with FG on my computer in the background essentially doing nothing (as far as I can see) and then after quite a while (15-20 minutes), the file size begins to increase and the book icon goes from closed to open and I can see the library module data. This is on a pretty low specced test VM that doesn't run very quickly.

I don't know the exact process that FG follows, but it seems that it only really downloads one module at a time, and it starts to download the module and process the data in memory. For modules that have a lot of data to initially process, this can take quite a long time to download and process for lower specced computers. Once all of that data is downloaded and processed, FG will show the module as open and the player can access the data. Around this time, FG encrypts the module data and starts to save it to the player local cache in the form of a .dat file - so that FG doesn't need to download the data again in the future. All of this downloading, processing, encrypting, etc. can take a long time for a complex FG module. I'm wondering if there are any time outs that may be kicking in within this process somewhere and making the process inefficient (very). Like I say, I don't know the technical details of the process.

I've just done a timing test for loading up only the Pathfinder Core Rules module and it took 10 minutes before the module size started to increase, then it stopped at about 15% (2.4MB of about 12MB - I know the total size from previous tests) and never went any further, the module didn't show as open. I exited the player side, deleted the partially downloaded .dat file and re-joined the campaign. Opened the module again and after about 10 minutes the file size increased (past what it did before) and the module opened and the player could access the data.

As the ultimate equipment guide has a lot of FG XML records, these all have to be downloaded, processed, stored in FG, encrypted and saved to the player cache; I'd imagine that there could be similar delays for low spec computers.

So, my recommendation would be to have only one player join. Have them open the Ultimate Equipment module. Check their cache folder for the .dat file. And go away for 10 minutes or more. Then do the file size checks I mentioned earlier in this thread.
What you describe is exactly what I seem to be running into. I will test when we play this Sunday. We have played for three Sundays since my purchase with gaming sessions running three to four hours and it never becomes available. The Core Rules, Advanced Players Guide and Ultimate Magic all load right away for everyone