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    ref_npc.xml / record_npc.xml

    I did the DataLibrary part to reference new monster xml data

    (btw - had a HUGE post here with CODE sections for snippets of associated code cos wasn't finding windows ref - I put it all together outlining what I thought were possibilities and why I either discounted or couldn't see the problem when by the end, it led me to figuring it out all out ... lol sooooo much writing. It's why I usually walk over to a coworker to explain my issue even if he is not familiar with my project - explaining it helps figure it out )

    So, I created both a ref_monster.xml and record_monster.xml echoing both 5E and 2E layouts.

    I did this for data library:

    	["monster"] = { 
        bExport = true,
        aDisplayIcon = { "button_people", "button_people_down" },
    		aDataMap = { "monster", "reference.monsters" }, 
    		aGMListButtons = { "button_monster_letter", "button_monster_cl" };
    		aCustomFilters = {
    			["CL"] = { sField = "challengelevel", sType = "number", fSort = sortMonsterByCLValues },
    		-- sRecordDisplayClass = "reference_monster",

    Assuming the above is correct (I copied the equiv commented out in 2E "--sRecordDisplayClass..." line to remind me to understand why it was added then commented later on when was more knowledgable) I wanted to understand the 2 files.

    I assume the reference_... is for immutable data? and record_... for mutable? If so though, the data library seems to reference only the non-reference one?

    Does this mean for most intents and purposes, the reference_monsters.xml and record_monsters.xml will be identical? (I will get some of that answer when look at the 2 from 2E I am modeling this on - but figure ask for insight here)

    I searched for and did not find references to "reference_npc" in 2E or 5E other than the definition of the windowclass for them. So, is it like "generated" where whatever you create in data library, the core code prepends reference_XXXX to it to deal with the non-editable version or something?

    Or if there is already a post on overview of this or docs, you can point me to it if I recall it


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    Before the DataLibrary script and concept of master campaign lists, all module data was separately implemented with it's own window class (reference_npc) which sometimes even had different data structures than the campaign window class (npc). With the big push to master campaign lists, I moved the vast majority of records to use the same window whenever possible. There are some exceptions for historical data. Any reference_npc window classes are purely there for backward compatibility. At this point, they can probably be removed.


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