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    LFG, 1 Player, Weekdays 111a - 4p MST (GMT -6), DnD 5E

    Looking to play some DnD with a fun, mature group. I have a Standard sub for FG and am a noob at using it. I am also a DM, but would need to learn FG before running games.

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    I'm interested but can only do on Tuesdays and I'm looking for like 2.5 hour game. DM experience is virtually identical. Thoughts on this?

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    Made a discord group

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    Oops posted twice

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    Quote Originally Posted by Trashman View Post
    Made a discord group
    Awesome, thanks for doing that. I'll add to my Discord channel's.

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    I could play during this timeframe, too. Thatís noon-5pm CST, correct? Have never used the software, at all, but donít mind learning with others.
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    Yes you got it right, join the discord group

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    I wouldn't mind getting in on this group.

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    Join the discord, one space left
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    All full guys

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