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    Any Dresden Files games?

    I know the game never took off that well, but I've found some folks out there who are die hard supporters of it. I've only played a bit, but if there are any games out there in need of another experienced gamer, I'd love to volunteer my services!


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    D-Day, welcome to the forums.

    I agree, it'd be fun to play some Dresden Files. See this thread where a ruleset is discussed and where I'm working to gin up interest: https://www.fantasygrounds.com/forum...956#post456956

    FG Con 16 Fantasy Grounds Online RPG Convention - Friday April 24th to Sunday April 26th, 2020

    Find out more info by clicking here.


    Running: GUMSHOE--Esoterrorists and The One Ring
    Want to play: City of Mist, Dresden Files RPG, Orpheus, Changeling (either version)

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