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    LFG 1 Player | LF Evening Game | Any Day | CST US Time Zone | 5E

    FG License: Standard
    Time Zone: Central Time USA
    Day(s) of week, frequency, and time: Any day, weekly, evenings
    Term: Prefer long, no one-shots
    Voice: Yes, video too

    Game System Preferred: 5e
    Game System Experience: 5e, played a few games. I'm not a beginner.
    Fantasy Grounds Experience: How familiar are you with Fantasy Grounds? Again, played a few games. I know my way around it.

    About me: I'm looking for a game with slightly less focus on combat than what I think is typical. I want a group that will enjoy having the characters interact with each other, and NPCs. I enjoy the adventuring side of the game, and that includes dungeons as well- so long as there's interesting stuff to find! The only thing I don't want to do is end up in actual combat (rolling damage, etc) for more than about an hour per session. Obviously, if we're in a dungeon, it will probably be more, and that's fine. But I just want the majority of the game to be focused on stuff that isn't combat.

    Character Type Preferred: I really want to play a Sorlock. It just sounds like it'd be so much fun. While the Eldritch Blast and Metamagic will be amazing for combat, I plan to actually build the majority of the character around social interactions and having more utility spells. So things like Friends, Charm Person, Hold Person. Especially since I won't really need any combat spells because of Eldritch Blast. Eventually, I would like to craft my own magic items, using the official magic item crafting rules (via having high Arcana skill).

    Besides the mechanics of the character though, again, I plan on having them be quite the social character. While I admit I'm not the best roleplayer, I have watched guides on roleplaying. I will be doing my best to create an interesting and outwardly friendly character, in an effort to force myself out of my comfort zone. I will really be trying to get to know the other players' characters.

    That's about it! Thanks for checking me out!

    Discord: Varlun#7634
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    I have a 5e game on Sunday at 9 pm central time that focuses on roleplay over combat, but it is still possible that on some sessions we may spend a lot of time on combat.

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