FG License: ultimate lc.
Time Zone: Central Time USA
Day(s) Friday nights or sundays mid day
Term: long term
Voice: have discord and team speak can get others

Game System Preferred: Pathfinder 1E or 2E , D&D 5E, etc.
Game System Experience: have played in pathfinder I GM a P2E on saterdays and i vave not played D&D since 3rd ed but would love to get back in
Fantasy Grounds Experience: How familiar are you with Fantasy Grounds? Being / new. with some basics.

Character Type Preferred: i like to play a cleric in pathfinder i will also play the warpriest. i am looking. at a passably the fighter as a main line sword and board.
About me: i'm a construction worker so sunday night -thursday im out early so no time to game ect on weekends.