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    Darn you Fantasy Grounds!

    Here I am minding my own business, working on an update to my campaign, and I get a newsletter that mentioned some random kickstarter that I knew I would not be in the least interested in.

    So I watch a video

    then I watch a few more videos, then I research more

    and now I am $879 poorer

    And it is all your fault!

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    before you ask, I just did a pledge for Tilt 5, full system, large board and 3 sets of AR glasses
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    I'm impressed with Tilt Five. But haven't given up my resistance yet!

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    Looks neat, but I will keep away from every tool that in the end dumbs down the experience of a tabletop role-playing game to a half-baked computer game.
    For its other uses - I like it.
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    for me I doubt I will actually use it for D&D other than perhaps examples to show children, it is the board game style game play I am most interested in But I suppose it depends on what Fantasy grounds does with it... who knows, they are in a partnership here

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