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    Budgie Theme (Generic Theme) for CoreRPG and MoreCore

    I created a generic modern clean looking theme and I chose to call it Budgie, I created this because I noticed there were very few generic themes and the that come with fantasy grounds for CoreRpg are devoid of colour. This theme as with most thing in life isn't for everyone and I created this for myself and decided to share it for everyone. If you decide to use it I highly recommend changing the background image to suit better your game setting or system.

    This theme works also with MoreCore but there are few issues with it that I noticed but I couldn't fix figure out how to fix them, as far as I know they don't make the program crash and I'm sure there are more issues that I haven't noticed yet and there are a lot of buttons that I do not use for my game so I didn't change them and their look clash with the theme. Here are couple errors that I ran into while making this theme:
    • A script error when you reset the turn order (combat tracker -> menu -> reset turn order) a following error pops up: Script Error: [string "scripts/manager_combat2.lua"]:69: bad argument #1 to 'random' (number expected, got nil)
    • Also similar error happens when a NPC is dragged and dropped to the combat tracker: Script Error: [string "scripts/manager_combat2.lua"]:196: bad argument #1 to 'random' (number expected, got nil)

    Edit: The errors only appear on MoreCore, as far as I know. Forgot to mention that.
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    Thanks for sharing!

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