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    LFP for Pathfinder: Skull and Shackles Campaign

    We are looking for a replacement player for our group in a Skull and Shackles AP. We are still in the first book and the party is currently comprised of a Rogue (Pirate), Skald (Red Tongue), Druid (Undine Adept). We have a good balance of roleplay, character building, combat, and exploration. We will be playing on either Saturday or Sunday at 8:00 PM EST starting in November but currently we play Monday nights same time.

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    I'm up for it, have not played a lot of pathfinder but as long it's not on Thursday I'm down.

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    I'd be interested depending on the day.
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    The Slumbering Tsar: Monday Nights @ 8pm
    Return of the Rune Lords: Wednesday Nights @ 8pm

    Time Zone: Central Time (GMT -6)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Blahness98 View Post
    I'd be interested depending on the day.
    It's currently Monday night at 8 PM EST but starting in November I'm fairly certain it will be Sunday at 8 PM EST. Let me know if you're still interested

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