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    Bonus Action Timing

    When does timing for a bonus action ability take effect or is allowed to be used such as the FEAT Shield Master. "* If you take the Attack action on your turn, you can use a bonus action to try to shove a creature within 5 feet of you with your shield." Does that mean as long as you declare an Attack action you can Use the Bonus Action Feat Shield Bash to Shove a creature first? Knocking them prone are pushing them away(pg. 195 PHB) Opposed Strength athletics rolls, then making your Attack roll with advantage against the now prone target? It just says to take the attack action. I am not sure how many other bonus actions read that way?

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    IMO in that case you can not take the bonus action until after you have taken the attack action. Note is says "If you take" not "if you declare" or "if you intend"

    So that attack action must have already occurred for the bonus action to be available.

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    I agree with LE. In this case the bonus action would follow immediately after the attack action. Bonus actions can take place at any point in your turn but where there are conditions such as in this case the bonus must follow on from the action.
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    The sage advice pdf has the answer to this question. As with most other conditionals in the game, the trigger completes before the resulting action resolves.

    So, attack (possibly including the extra attacks) then shield bash.


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    Ok Thanks so taking the martial adept and tripping is better for this then.

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