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    Story entry A17, which is the story entry for the Varnhold blockhouse, does not contain a link to the Varnhold blockhouse map.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MaxAstro View Post

    On the map "Stolen Lands 1", the pin for Varnhold links to " DS5. Varnhold". That story entry only contains the information for Varnhold "before the Vanishing", which does not contain the map of the village. Since GMs running hexploration are likely to go to this pin looking to pull up actual Varnhold when running that chapter, either the Stolen Lands 1 map should also have a pin to i.e. " Varnhold Features" or the former story entry should cross reference where to find the actual map of Varnhold.


    Also: Who is actually doing bugfixes on Kingmaker? Not to call someone out, but while researching this issue to report it, I notice a number of issues I reported in this thread months ago - such as the two-headed troll statblock missing information and Jamal Visser's image having an incorrect description - have still not been fixed. Most issues I report for other modules get patched pretty quickly but Kingmaker in particular seems to slip through the cracks. Is this thread not the correct place to report Kingmaker issues?

    (Although now that I look at it, I notice that the issue of the Independent Brains ability missing from the Two-Headed Troll is actually present in the Bestiary 2 module as well, and I assume the one in Kingmaker was copied from there.)
    Sorry MaxAstro. The forum posts do send out a message to my email. I might have missed it but I'm usually pretty good about fixing the issues and I don't remember seeing these so I might not have received the email notification for these. I suppose technology happens sometimes.

    I did search through your threads and fixed the following:

    -The A17 story not having the link to the blockhouse
    -The Stolen Lands 1 map not having the link to Chapter 6
    -The mislabeled picture for Jamal Visser
    -Nagrundi's missing Independent Brain ability
    -Linzi's improper spellcasting type in the companion guide

    The fixes are checked in and they should go live on this Tuesday's update. Thanks.
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    Agents of Edgewatch Book 6 Part 2 2.10.B02 Inner Chamber Threshold [Moderate 19] has 3 cr 15 Hegessiks rather than 3 slithering rift oozes on the tracker.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ianril View Post
    Agents of Edgewatch Book 6 Part 2 2.10.B02 Inner Chamber Threshold [Moderate 19] has 3 cr 15 Hegessiks rather than 3 slithering rift oozes on the tracker.
    Thanks, ianril! Fixed (along with a few other issues I found while rooting around). Should get updated within the next week.
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