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    The Ghost Chandriu Invisar from Abomination Vaults Level 3, is missing her double resistance vs non magical damage in the combat tracker and also it says "non?magical in the description.

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    Name: Agents of Edgewatch Part 1 - Player's Resource
    Issue: Massive adventure spoiler visible to players

    Unfortunately the Weapon Reaper's Lancet is visible to players via this module, including all of it's spoilery text about the adventure's main villain. All of this is accessible to players in the reference manual in the "Criminal Contraband" section, and the item is also accessible via the ITEMS window (although unidentified at first).

    As the reference manual entry spoils a lot of this adventure I'm asking if it might perhaps be better to remove this item completly from the Player's Resource module. Thanks for considering.

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    Hi Zaister,

    This isn't one of mine. Otherwise I would do a quick fix for you. While waiting for an official fix, I would recommend that you go to the Data Module Activation and drag the red x icon over to the AoE AP 1 Player's Resource to block player load of this resource. That will at least give you an interim solution

    Hope this helps in the meantime,
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    Yeah, I guess I will. Although we need the nightstick and handcuffs, but I guess I can share them from the normal adventure module.

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