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    LF DM 1 on 1 Homebrew Game Sunday or Monday evening/night US Time

    Game happening, not looking for DM at this time. Thanks for your time!

    FG License: I have the standard paid license, not Ultimate though.
    Time Zone: Central Time USA
    Day(s) of week, frequency, and time: Monday any time after 2PM Central US Time, Weekly or Bi-weekly is desired. at least 2 hours a session
    Term: Looking for something long term

    Ok, here is the premise of what I am looking for: I am looking to play in a one-on-one game where my character is starting a kingdom, adventuring company, colony, spacebase, spaceship, or business, etc. from the beginning. I have heard mixed things about the Pathfinder Kingmaker series, but the idea I have would be something like what that was aiming for in a living breathing world of your (the DM's) creation instead of a set out adventure path. I do not enjoy the confines and railroad-y-ness of printed adventures, and I want to play in a gameworld where NPCs react to the world and where actions have consequences. My character would have hired hands, or friends, or however you want to work it out to make it where the party of characters is not purely my PC going solo.

    The game would have a higher amount of survival, base building, and diplomacy involved in it than normal fantasy adventures have but would still be happy to include adventures and quests and the like.

    The restrictions are that I do not enjoy Horror or anything Lovecraft/Cthulhu, and that I do not like the Savage Worlds rules system. I am very willing to pick up and try other game systems, but my experience in everything outside of D&D is limited. If you think a setting and rule system will work great for this idea, I'm all ears to hear your pitch.

    I am willing to pay for the right DM after the first few sessions once we determine there is a good fit for a long term game, but I'm limited to at most $20 a session on this at this moment.

    Thank you for your time, take care.
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    Lots of views, but no comments or messages. That's ok. If you are interested in DMing a 1 on 1 game but aren't happy with my idea or schedule, let me know what works for you and I will see if I can make it work for me.

    Willing to try just about any setting and rules system. I could make Tuesday and Wednesday nights work if needed. I'm willing to listen to your ideas. I am autistic and finding a group of people that I work well with has been a challenge, but I absolutely love this hobby and the player agency it allows.
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    Sunday is no longer a viable option for me, so Monday makes the most sense. If later in the evening Central US Time, I can find a way to make Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday, or Saturday work.

    Thanks for your time.
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    Would you consider an attempt at running more than one PC? I've ran a solo game before with them running 3 characters, and it turned out well. If so, I'm available on Monday nights after like 5 EST, 4 your time. I typically run Pathfinder 1, but also do D&D except 5th, Traveller, (a bit rusty) and Rogue Trader/Dark Heresy (Warhammer 40k, also a bit rusty) and Palladium Fantasy. Palladium fantasy does not have a Ruleset, but Rifts ruleset is bare bones functional for that.

    Let me know if there is any interest in that.

    EDIT: My homebrew world uses Pathfinder 1 rules. it's what I'm most familiar with.
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    The kingmaker 6 book module has no set path, just junctions and the party doesn't even have to build the kingdom if they don't wish too. It truly is a sandbox game. You can ally with every group you, if they let you, or slay them.
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    Thanks @Ahoggya for that info.

    Thanks all, right now I am taking Rogue up on the offer to see how that goes. I wish everyone great gaming!
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