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    Forbidden Lands (Extension, Theme, PC and NPC sheets for MoreCore)

    Hi all,

    Taking advantage of the momentum following the Coriolis work, I am sharing my take on the Forbidden Lands for MoreCore. Inspired by Dr0w to convert my games and extension and all based on the work of neuralnoise, Ian Ward. All players enjoy the parameter rolls a lot and the switch was worth it.

    Without further ado, the following is attached:
    • Forbidden Lands Extension v1 for MoreCore - contains adjusted character sheet, NPC template and updated theme.
    • Forbidden Lands Calendar Extension v1 - to be used with the calendar module
    • Forbidden Lands Calendar module v1 - based on the information provided in the book, all periods are 37 days.
    • Forbidden Lands Sheet Template - XML file for export/import for convenience with all Attributes, Skills, Gear roll configured with parameters and links between Attribute-Skill-Gear-Modifier
    • Forbidden Lands Public Module v1 - contains Rolls, Character and NPC templates in the respective libraries for quick start up of new characters, NPCs and drag-and-drop rolls

    Upgrading your CoreRPG based campaign
    • It is very easy to migrate your campaign without data loss for the PC data. You will lose some NPC data, as the whole sheet is different and only the MoreCore rolls will be retained, which saves a lot of time anyway.
    • Edit the campaign.xml and in the <ruleset> tag change the ruleset to MoreCore
    • Put the ForbiddenLandsMigration extension and launch the campaign. The Migration extension has the CoreRPG main tab, which was used in the CoreRPG variant of the extension to build the dice pool.
    • Copy the attributes and skill valued to the MoreCore tab. If you want to use the already made PC template with all linked rolls, import one of those, drag and drop the inventory, talents from the old sheet and spells from the spell library. Save the campaign.
    • Remove the Migration extension, and use the ForbiddenLands.ext, which has the /push function working ( ) and the Main tab from CoreRPG is no longer there.
    • Play & Enjoy

    Instructions for the Character Sheet
    • The character sheet is relying on the roll parameters to build a dice pool. It combines Attribute, Skill, Gear Bonus (where applicable) and Modifiers. You can disable the dicepool for better experience and instant rolls, or you can continue using it, it is up to you.
    • The Attributes are the starting point, you assign a value. There is no roll for that as in the game you have no "raw" rolls. The values are afterwards used in all skill/gear rolls as a1 parameter.
    • Skills have the relevant attribute as input a1, followed by the skill level (p1) and potential modifier from gear or environment (p2)
    • Gears have the same chain - attribute + skill + gear bonus + modifier.
    • Armor is single parameter
    • Initiative is singe roll. Modifiers can be applied to the init modifier box in character sheet (the second square marked in red on the Initiative roll in "Combat, Social and XP" section, below the Coriolis logo) in case you use the automatic initiative roll feature from MC

    Instructions for the NPC Sheet
    • The NPC sheet is following the same principle as the Character sheet with the same rolls and links between them. The template in the module is without modifiers box, but you can "fix" that by dropping the relevant rolls from the Rolls library and link Attribute-Skill-Gear-Modifier as in the PC.
    • If you put rolls in the CT roll, they will be visible in the combat tracker for very easy interaction during play. If you put string rolls in the Rolls field, those also will be visible in the tracker (nice MoreCore feature)

    To-Do and other ideas I have
    Update the Inventory tab. I am considering to restore the default Inventory tab with autocalculation enabled and remove the consumables. The MoreCore tab now have "Gear & Other" and it can even be used in the quick rolls section.
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    The past is a rudder to guide us, not an anchor to hold us back.

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    The past is a rudder to guide us, not an anchor to hold us back.

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    Nice ! Good Work ! Thank you very much

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