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    LFG for Numenera/Cypher System players

    I'm just casting a line into the datasphere to see what kind of interest the community has in starting a Numenera/Cypher System game?

    FG License: Ultimate
    Game System: Cypher System

    Time Zone: PST
    Day of week and time: TBD
    If new game, planned start date: TBD
    Planned Duration & Frequency: Weekly
    Term: Long

    Text or Voice: Voice (Can do text)
    Voice software used: Discord
    Will this be recorded and/or live streamed? Only by your brain.

    Roleplay & Combat mix: Whatever the group is enjoying most!
    Number of Players in game & needed: 4-5+
    Character starting level & equipment: Starting/Tier 1
    Character restrictions: TBD

    Details of your scenario: Homebrew/Numenera/The Strange:

    Tired of being stuck in one setting? Want to play with swords and shields one day, fly in space the next? Do you want to be running from a supernatural menace in a horror or decimating planets as a God(ess)? Tired of the mental meta of knowing what an opponent is and how dangerous it is as soon as you see it? Check out the Cypher System, a very narrative based game system that can have a lot of interesting crunch! Experience Earth, a billion years in the future!

    Link to Gamecalendar page: https://www.fantasygrounds.com/calen...ex.xcp?id=3641
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    I would be interested. I am Pacific/West Coast US time. I have Th, Fr, Sat open.

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    Awesome, we have 3 people interested! Chime in if you're interested in trying out a Numenera game in the next week or two.

    Looking to make it long term when we forge the right group and schedule.

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    HI, if there is still slot, I am interested to join and try out

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    We are up to 4 players interested in our game! We're looking to do a session 0 sometime after next Thurs and are discussing scheduling right now.

    We have 1-2 spots open if anyone is interested in experiencing the Cypher system via Numenera a setting that puts us on Earth, 1 billion years in our future!..

    Don't miss your chance if you feel your soul or dice throwing finger calling out to play with us!

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    What day and time are looking to play at? Interested but on east coast.
    Location: Central Pa (East -5)
    Ultimate License Holder
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    Current Project: Deadlands: Reloaded The last Sons - Not going well, too much overtime.
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    We're deciding right now on a session 0, expecting to start schedule the day on or after next Thurs

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    We've decided to set our session 0 for Saturday, October 19 at 7pm PST and we have 4 players!

    If 1 or 2 more people are interested in joining us, either for a one shot to try out the Cypher System rules and see how you fancy it, or for a long term, flexible homebrew/official Numenera campaign in a flexible homebrew/official Numenera game, PM me please.

    Perhaps we'll blend The Strange and Numenera worlds together, it's our masterpiece to write and experience.
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    I hope I can slip in I'd love to look at this and try my hand at it! It sounds so cool! I don't sign in much and just saw this game.

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    We currently have 4 players for our weekly Saturday game and are looking for 1-2 more if anyone is interested in seeing earth through the eyes of a visitor, or visitant!

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