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    Token directories vs token .mod bundles.

    Revisiting an old subject. I know having too many tokens will slow down fantasy grounds.

    Mainly looking for anyone whose done testing. Would it improve performance if i was to manually create .mods of my token sets and compress them down? I'm going to test for myself but I was wondering if anyone has tried. I would expect it would help for my players having to download the shared ones.

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    It won't affect transfer rate or usage if you have them all loaded. However, by loading them in modules, you can load/unload modules as needed to add/remove tokens. Any tokens assigned from an unloaded module will still be loaded and shown correctly.


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    This one really has my efficiency bug going but some positive results so far -
    Working with addon 62 token sets at 30 tokens a set so ~1800 tokens. I have the WOTC DMG, PHB, MM, and UA loaded as well.

    Started with my token sets soft directory linked to a NAS device - trying to save space.
    Load time - 1m8secs
    Noticed a nasty pause after loadup that would sometimes hang Fantasy grounds but eventually cleared - 2m29secs

    Moved all my tokens to my local drive no more soft directory links just everything on the NVMe.
    Load time - 35 secs
    Still nasty pause/hang before tokens are available - 56 seconds

    I converted every tokenset I was using to basic modules with just tokens in it.
    Note: PNG files really compress down well so saved alot of space on NVMe drive.
    Load time - 35 secs (just as Moon Wizard said)
    But NO nasty pause/hang before tokens available - immediately available and working

    Continuing testing with some actual player use next.

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    So even though you can go under token module activation and select the green check "player load allowed", the players can't actually load token modules. I assumed it would work the same way as the library modules but appearently not.

    Am I missing something? Is the only way to share tokens with other players the "shared" folder?

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    Yes. Token modules are never shared with players. Causes too many memory issues when players get tokens. You shouldn't share tokens at all. If you really need to show them tokens rake a screenshot and send them that. Otherwise just allocate one to them.
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    Understandable. I'm still calling this a success. Im at 2200+ tokens and its running smooth still. Plus the compressed mod files minimizes the space on my NVMe.

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    How I made the tokens visible to players? For example I have my tokens in a module. When I put one token in the map (npc or random enemy) they see the map but not the tokens. I kind confused about that. Thanks.

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    Put the NPCs in the combat tracker first, then pull the token from the combat tracker to the map. The combat tracker will make them invisible to players when you first put them on allowing you to place without them seeing. Then you click on the little eye icon in the combat tracker to "show npc".

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    You should be able to drag a token from a token bag to a map and the players see it by default. Note doing it that way should only be done for map dressings like furniture, spell effects etc. NPCs should be done through the CT.

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    And discussed in the exact same post here:

    @Rmartinezv - please don't post the exact same question in two different threads. It can lead to a lot of wasted time on all sides. Thanks.
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