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    Duplicating a Weapon?

    I have a character that is a monk and has a special unarmed strike from a stance. I'm trying to figure out how to represent this. What I'd like to do is create a copy of the "fist" weapon and edit the copy to have the correct features. I don't see any way to create a duplicate weapon entry, however.

    What am I missing?

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    1. Actions Tab > Bottom Right Corner (small red/brown button with a slash > "Edit List")
    2. Same place now shows small Blue Buttons... Click the sword > "Add Weapon"
    3. Click the small red/brown button with a slash AGAIN (exiting "Edit List Mode")
    4. Now up top you should have a blank weapon... name it...
    4. change it to Equipped (small button to left of name that looks like a bag... toggle to "armor/shirt" > "equipped")
    5. click on the small magnifying glass to the right of the damage box and edit the bonuses/settings
    Done. Enjoy!

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