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    You look like you're in pretty good shape but as far as I know ronnke hasn't rolled out the GURPS ruleset updated to take advantage of the new stuff yet.
    Ah, ok. Good to know. I'll proceed with my item generation, thanks again.

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    Sounds good.

    And for the record, so everyone can be patient, remember that ronnke has to go over everything I've turned over to him, make sure all the files are in order PLUS merge it with anything else he may have already been working on. And that's all if there no issues whatsoever. So, that's a bit of extra load he has to manage.

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    Thanks for staying on top of these issues, guys. Thanks also for being respectful of ronnke's limited time.

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    I've updated the mod maker to work with FGU. It still works with FG classic so no worries there. Only minor tweaks to the xml were needed so far.

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