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    I was just reading up on this

    Is there anyone willing to let me know how good this game is?

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    Mutants and Masterminds is probably one of the best supers systems out there. There are easier ones like Icons to play, but M&M gives a really good framework to play with. As far as powers, you have to flavor them yourself. It REALLY helps to have Green Ronin's powers book as it has lots of sample powers already statted out to see by example. It can be a bit intimidating trying to build a hero. I'd recommend using one of their templates to play the first few games before starting from scratch just to get used to the system. GR's Basic Heroes is another really good book as it breaks down the rules to understand easier and gives a nice step by step guide on creating a hero by looking at their templates. But like any supers game, it can get complicated as the players often try using powers in creative ways - more than in other genres of role playing.

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    May I PM you? I have so many questions. Like in extras it has 2 like +1 per rank and as base rank. What do those mean?

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    Sure, but I'm VERY far from an expert on the system. I've read through it but have really not played it. For extras some have a flat cost like DIMENSIONAL - you can only have 1-3 ranks in it costing one point each, where EXTENDED RANGE costs a flat 1 point per rank, and CONTAGIOUS simply adds one point to each rank of the cost of the power it's associated with.

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